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Japan medical school confirms altering scores to limit women


The investigation found that in this year’s entrance exams the school reduced all applicants’ first-stage test scores by 20 percent and then added at least 20 points for male applicants The investigative report said the manipulation was “profound sexism,” according to lawyer Kenji Nakai TOKYO: A Tokyo medical school apologized Tuesday after an internal investigation confirmed that it altered entrance ... Read More »

Japan unveils stealth plane


TOYOYAMA: Japan has unveiled its first homemade stealth plane as it tries to catch up on the technology and enhance its reconnaissance and intelligence capabilities as China expands its own military presence in the region. The experimental X-2 unveiled Thursday is expected to make its maiden test flight in February. Defense officials said the aircraft is designed to test the ... Read More »

World’s first washable smartphone to debut in Japan 


TOKYO: Tired of those unsightly smudges and other dirt on your bacteria-laden smartphone? A Japanese firm says it has the solution with what it describes the world’s first smartphone that can be washed with soap and water. Waterproof smartphones have been on the market for a while. But telecom company KDDI says its new “Digno rafre” phone — to be ... Read More »

Japan seeks biggest-ever defense budget amid China concerns


TOKYO: Japan’s Defense Ministry wants to buy an advanced Aegis radar-equipped destroyer and more F-35 fighters under its largest-ever budget to bolster the defense of southern islands amid a territorial dispute with China. The ministry endorsed a 5.1 trillion yen ($42 billion) budget request Monday for the year beginning next April, up 2.2 percent from this year. It would be ... Read More »

Japan expresses grief over war but no fresh apology


TOKYO: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Friday he had utmost grief for the “immeasurable damage and suffering” Japan inflicted in World War II, but future generations of Japanese should not have to keep apologizing for the mistakes of the past. Marking the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II in the Pacific, Abe said he upheld past ... Read More »

Odd shaped melons herald Japan summer


TOKYO: Japanese consumers are used to paying through the nose for fruit, and now the summer’s here there’s another way for them to empty their wallets: Cube and heart-shaped watermelons. But this pricey produce is not intended to tempt your taste buds — it’s more ornament than the perfect picnic food. Over at the Shibuya Nishimura luxury fruit shop in ... Read More »

Corpse left in suitcase at Tokyo station for a month


TOKYO: The corpse of a woman that had been stuffed in a suitcase and left in a locker at one of the world’s busiest train stations went undiscovered for a month, Japanese police said Monday. The suitcase was abandoned in a locker at Tokyo Station in late April, but removed to the left-luggage storage room after no-one collected it, media ... Read More »

Magnitude 8.5 quake strikes off eastern Japan


TOKYO: A magnitude 8.5 earthquake struck off the east coast of Japan on Saturday, shaking buildings in Tokyo but with no immediate reports of damage, public broadcaster NHK said. There was no danger of tsunami, it added. The earthquake, centered off the Ogasawara islands south of Tokyo, was felt widely in Japan but occurred at a depth of 590 km. ... Read More »

Japan replacing uranium, fossil fuels with solar power

SINGAPORE/TOKYO: One by one, Japan is turning off the lights at the giant oil-fired power plants that propelled it to the ranks of the world’s top industrialized nations. With nuclear power in the doldrums after the Fukushima disaster, it’s solar energy that is becoming the alternative. Solar power is set to become profitable in Japan as early as this quarter, ... Read More »

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