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Sima Das student of the 4th class brutally murdered and raped, – claims the family!


Representative: According to poor carpenter Tapas das the schoolgirl Sima Das's father, Postmortem report has been given Friday afternoon from Brahmanbaria district hospitals. 

He said my daughter raped and killed by Farooq and Ohid. But, I didn't get the post mortem report. Because assassins are rich people. Police recovered the body from paddy field of Nilkhi village last wednesday at 6PM. 

Sima Das is the daughter of poor carpenter Tapas Das of Nilkhi village. and she is the student of fourth grade at Mirpur Government Primary School. Suspicion of involvement Faruk Miah (18), Ohida Mia (19), the two were arrested, Both of them are from the village Saheb Nagar.

Bancharampur Police chief (OC) Md. Alauddin said, We recovered the body from under the knee level water of paddy field. His idea that Sima Das has been soaked in water to kill. We cannot say either she was raped or not before murder until get the post mortem report. We did not receive the report, After receive the report we will take necessary step to file the murder case including the rape case.

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