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Akhaura- Ashuganj road to be upgraded soon, says Bangladesh Minister


Minister of Transport, Road and Bridge of Bangladesh government Mr. Obaidul Quader today arrived at Agartala check post. He was accompanied by Mr. Pankaj Saran, Indian Commissioner at Bangladesh. State minister of transport, Manik Dey welcomed the dignitaries – Mr. Quader and Mr. Saran at the check post. 

Speaking to reporters at the Agartala check post Mr. Quader said that the Government of India had sanction over Rs 1500 crore for up gradation of the

Obaidul Quader

road. Besides, Government will also provide Rs 38 crore. 

Poor infrastructure, inadequate logistics and manpower in Ashuganj and Akhaura ports are severely hampering the handling of transit consignments bound for India.About 20km of the 47-kilometre Ashuganj-Akhaura road is narrow and potholed, while some bridges and culverts along the way are in a sorry state.

Agartala integrated check post , which was inaugurated in August last year, is now struggling to handle the extra load of ODC and transit goods. Several hundred lorries always remain stranded on the roads due to lack of space at the port yard.The normal activities at the port are being hampered as the authorities are giving priority to handling the transit and ODC consignments.

Of the total 19 bridges and culverts on Ashuganj-Agartala road, several including the Ramrail bridge are in poor state. A bailey bridge has been installed there which has also become risky. All the vehicles carrying transit goods are now using a diversion road.


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