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One thousand three hundred family vulnerability to erosion of the Meghna in Sarail of Brahmanbaria


Representative: Many people came back from the Valley of Death while breakdown occurs. Hundreds of poor families left the village and taken shelter elsewhere. The breakdown is not stopped in any way. All of them are in a great threat. Villagers awaiting for somehow assistance from government. 

Can be seen in the site, Continued disruption in the river Meghna bank Rajapur, Kakuriya, Carkakuriya and Singapore, two kilometers to the north-west of the village covers an area. River eventually being melted crop fields, playgrounds, burial places and homes. Frustration appear in the villages.

Local Member of Parliament Advocate Zia Ul Haque Mridha said, a D.O. letter has been sent for the construction of Beribandh. 

He told the construction of Beribandh will be started soon.

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