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Trade between India and Bangladesh through ICP increases


Agartala, Aug 09, 2014 : The inauguration of the integrated check post (ICP) at the Agatala check post to facilitate trade between India and Bangladesh on November 17, 2013 has started showing outstanding results.

In the current financial year till July last after the inauguration of ICP, value of goods Rs 164.30 crore was imported and revenue earned Rs 10.69 crore. From export Rs 24.43 thousand was earned as revenue from value of goods Rs 0.36 crore.

Despite significant growth in imports as compared to exports, the balance of trade is still in Bangladesh favour. According to custom’s data, the total import during in 2012 -13 was Rs 245.08 crore and revenue earned Rs 12.16 crore. Value of goods Rs 0.07 crore exported and revenue earned Rs 2.8 thousand.

Movement of passenger has also increased after the inauguration of ICP, according to data 61696 passengers entered and exited from both India and Bangladesh. In 2012 -13 passenger movements was 43801.

With the commencement of the ICP, infrastructure set up there can handle ten times the number of trucks to pass conveniently as against 80 -100 trucks earlier. Also, cargo movement between the two countries can take place for 12 hours daily between 7 am and 7 pm as against the eight hours sanctioned earlier. This means more trucks can land in India on a daily basis, 19378 vehicles entered from Bangladesh this financial year till July last.

India's second international-standard multi-purpose Integrated Check Post (ICP) and the first along the Bangladesh border opened on November last year, built at a cost of Rs.74 crore.

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