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15 injured in school management committee election in Nasirnagar


Representative: Management committee election of Guniyauk high school in Nasirnagar, 15 people were injured  in a clash between two groups to dominate the election. The incident happened on Saturday at noon. Police have arrested a man from the venue with local made sharp weapons. 

Police and local people said, There is dispute on election between Guniyak High School management committee former chairman Badal and running Union  Council Chairman and school management committee chairman Golam Khandani. For this reason, people in both groups clashed each other. Nasirnagar Police rushed to the spot and made the situation under control. 15 people were injured in a two hours clash between the two sides. The injured were rushed to hospital of Madhabpur and Nasirngar. Police arrested Hefju Mia (45) with sharp local made weapons from the spot.

Nasirnagar Police chief (OC) Abdul Kader said,  the situation is now calm. Elections have been postponed.


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