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‘Sorry, Sir!’

“We’re sorry, Sir!” This message – aimed to apologise for the humiliation meted out to the headmaster of a Narayanganj school – floods the social media.

An expression of helplessness, the gesture shows how a respected person like a schoolteacher can be subjected to insult at the hands of the powerful quarters. His helplessness appears overwhelming, bringing the netizens to express solidarity in peaceful gesture.

Login to Facebook, sign in to Twitter, it’s all there – images of people holding their ears in a show of apologising with the hashtags #SorrySiror #wersorrysir or #WeAreSorrySir.

Media personalities such as Iresh Zaker and Rawnak Hasan are among those who have changed their Facebook profile photo in solidarity with the humiliated teacher.


Many have also posted status protesting the public humiliation of the teacher. 


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