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Gifts for Mom

Mothers, what would we do without them? They are the first people who come to our minds in times of joy, in times of sadness, but most importantly in times when we get in trouble hoping not to get scolded, but nonetheless we love them unconditionally. We love to pamper them, cherish them, shower them with gifts, and on this special day called Mother's Day we love to portray our devotion and affection towards them using small tokens of love.  

Every year before May 8, we stress ourselves out trying to come up with something better for them, something new, different, out of this world, and almost every year we circle back to our trusty perfumes, chocolates, jewellery or bath and body products. If you're looking to step out of the box, maybe put your own little twist on the gift to make it more special. 

To start off the day with a kick most of us turn to our morning saviour: coffee. If your mother is a coffee lover, make her day easier and quicker with a coffee machine, or set up her very own little coffee station if you want. A polished wooden tray accented with sugar, milk and coffee jars along with some napkins and a cookie jar will be perfect and she will be reminded of your thoughtful gesture every single morning. You can get a variety of wooden trays with different prints and patterns on the base ranging from funky and eclectic to subtle and elegant. You can colour-coordinate the jars or you can mix and match depending on your mother's style. Not a big fan of coffee? Love tea instead? For the tea connoisseur mother, an adorned tea set complete with a tea pot, sugar pot and milk pot and a set of cups is more than perfect to make her day special. Vintage rose printed or classic white and gold embellishment would be a lovely choice. 

If your mother loves greenery, build her a nice little herb garden. Plant a selection of herbs in nicely decorated or monogrammed tin or wooden pots and place them on the kitchen counter. It will bring in a touch of green in the house while being extremely handy during cooking, not to mention fresh out of the garden. Your mother will love using her own herbs in her cooking instead of having to go to the market for them.

Brighten up her world, literally, with beautifully lit candles. This gift comes in so many varieties it is impossible to list; you have options like scented candles, jar candles, colourful candles, and even DIY candles. If you want to step out of the norm and make her scented candles instead –add some essential oils of your choice to molten candles and shape them accordingly. You can use oils and colours to match her favourite scent and colour.  

If your mother travels a lot, you can get her a nice large leather tote bag. It is both handy and classy as leather gives off a sense of elegance, and the large size will allow her to carry everything she needs on her trips, especially the essentials like a water bottle, hand towel, and makeup. To help her get organised even further, you can present her with a gift inside a gift, in the form of a small makeup bag to keep all her makeup goodies from getting messed up inside the large tote.

Mothers whip us a meal every time we throw a hunger tantrum, so it's only fair we make her life easier in the kitchen. They love kitchen goodies, and they would love it even more if it came from you. Matching bowl sets, vibrant pots, or even bakeware sets are all great options. Oven mitts are also a fabulous idea because they can be personalised, by sewing her initials onto them.

If you are looking for more customised DIY ideas for Mother's Day, try jars, buckets or baskets and fill them accordingly. It could be a pedicure in a bucket or a sewing kit in a jar. Filling a small tin bucket with nail files, nail polishes, nail clippers, and small towels rolled with ribbons create a cute yet useful little pedicure set that she could use on a day off without having to go out. Create a sewing kit in jar by making a little pin cushion using the lid so you do not lose your pins and needles, and filling the insides with spools of thread and scissors. It's small, compact and will ensure that she does not keep losing those needles.  

Lastly, flower bouquets are a common gift of appreciation, but then again who has the time to water them, pot them and take care of them. Instead, opt for succulents. Terrariums filled with pebbles, cactuses and succulents are a better alternative – they are low maintenance and bring in greenery to vitalise your space.

To conclude, a Mother's Day gift is something we give our mothers to show how much we love and appreciate them, and every small or large present is a symbol of our care, so we must remember if it comes from our heart they will appreciate it, be it average or extraordinary. Cheers to all mothers. 

By Anisha Hassan 
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Model: Reetu and Mikaeel

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