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Not interested to act in films right now -Riaz

Riaz Ahmed has come a long way since he gave up a career in soaring through the skies (as a pilot) and embraced the wonderful world of show business. He made a name for himself with massive hits on the silver screen, and is now making a mark on the television front. The Daily Star caught up with the actor during a shoot for an upcoming tele-film, (opposite Sadia Islam Mou), where Riaz talked about an array of issues. Here are the excerpts, and below you can find a video version of the interview:

How do you account for your great popularity?
: I consider it as God’s gift. I love my audience. I’m a very ordinary man and I am not qualified for such popularity. So I don't think people love me for any one specific reason. 

What’s your greatest achievement as an actor?
Riaz: Truly, there is no significant achievement. But for the last few days I've begun to feel that the people of Bangladesh love me from the core of their hearts which is rare for any artist. That is a great achievement for me.

You recently forayed into the big screen after a long time. Tell us about your experience of “Krishnopokkho”.
: After watching the film, many people came to my restaurant and told me that I had brought tears to their eyes. In my view it was Humayun Ahmed and Shaon that made them emotional. I just tried to give my best performance as an actor.

Will you be acting in films regularly from now on?
 It will depend on a strong plot, a good script and skilled director. But I’m not interested in acting in films right now.

So will you be regular as a TV actor?
: I’m now acting in TV plays and I love to do them. Yes, I do some assignments purely for financial stability because it is a matter of survival.

Do you have any regrets?
: Yes. Artistes have to work in an unfavorable environment in the present time. Those who want to do something worthwhile are denied a congenial atmosphere for work. We can’t fully concentrate on our work. Despite all the adversity, we have to work day after day, and it’s sad.


To what extent does an artiste have to be socially responsible?
: An artiste should have social responsibilities because many people take their cue from artistes. At the same time society should have a responsibility to the artiste. In the present scenario of our country, we are failing on this count.

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