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Two Transformers thief arrested in Sarail


Police arrested two thief of electrical transformers in Sarail. Bariura district raided on Monday morning, they were arrested and gunara area.
Police said they are arrested from Baroiura-Gunara of Sarail Upazila. Police Sub-Inspector Mohammad Ishtiaq said we arrest Abdul Ohab/Amta Pagla(22) and Iqbal Miah(24) in this operation. Both of them accepted dozen cases of robbery involvement with the theft of transformer. Last year Iqbal injured in police firing during highway robbery. There are still bullet marks on the bottom of his neck. 

Sarail Police chief Ali Arshad said, they confirmed the involvement with the initial interrogation. They are the main perpetrators have been known to stole the transformer . They will be handed over to the court.

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