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Expired re-entry visas can now be renewed in home countries


RIYADH: Expatriate workers and their dependants with expired re-entry visas seeking to return to the Kingdom can now renew them in their home countries, according to a directive issued by the Saudi Foreign Ministry. “A re-entry visa for all workers and their family members (wives and children) in both the government and private sectors can be renewed through Saudi consular ... Read More »

Riyadh ‘grounds’ passport checks at boarding gates


RIYADH: King Khaled International Airport (KKIA) announced here on Wednesday that officials would no longer check passports at boarding gates to save time and money. This includes all passengers departing on international flights, an official, who did not want to be named, told Arab News on Wednesday. This would save the airport SR600 million annually and allow it to schedule ... Read More »

21 held included 3 Bangladeshi for theft of SR2m in goods


RIYADH: Riyadh Police have arrested 21 people for a spate of burglaries in the city worth over SR2 million. The suspects are members of six separate gangs and include Saudis, Bangladeshis, Chadians, Egyptians and Sudanese nationals. The men operated in various neighborhoods of the capital, according to a report in a local publication recently. A special team of Riyadh police ... Read More »

SR3,300: Pay demanded by Indonesia for housemaids 


RIYADH: Indonesia has asked for a monthly salary of SR3,300 for housemaids as a precondition to send them to work in the Kingdom, according to a website.  The Indonesian Ministry of Labor has called a meeting of the recruitment agencies, which deal with their Saudi counterparts for job opportunities of Indonesian maids to tell them about its decision and new ... Read More »

Expats told to close bank accounts before exit

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MADINAH: The Interior Ministry has warned citizens and residents to be careful with their bank accounts by not allowing anyone to use their accounts for terrorism-related purposes. Official spokesmen for the ministry have noted recently that many bank accounts of expats who leave the Kingdom often remain open and pose a great risk to the security of the nation. The ... Read More »

8 die as heavy rains lash Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


• Traffic thrown off gear in Jeddah • Jeddah schools closed today  • Flights delayed JEDDAH: Heavy rains and wind lashed Jeddah and other parts of the country on Tuesday, causing the death of eight people, flooding of streets and underpasses, uprooting of trees, and widespread power cuts. Two people died in the Faisaliyah district when they were electrocuted while ... Read More »

Bangladesh brokers ‘violating’ labor pact

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JEDDAH: Local recruitment businesses are complaining that the Bangladesh government has failed to provide the 500,000 housemaids it had promised earlier this year, with only 2,000 employed in the Kingdom over the past six months. Mishari Al-Thufairi, chairman of the recruitment committee at the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said it was clear that the Bangladesh government wants to ... Read More »

Six teams identify the Mina dead


JEDDAH: The Passport Department is still in the process of identifying the dead in the Mina stampede. This is according to Col. Khaled Al-Saikhan, assistant director for technical affairs, who said that six teams are still checking identities at hospitals in Jeddah, Makkah and Taif. Seven people were identified on Sunday, he said. He said the department has been checking ... Read More »

UAE unveils new migrant labor reforms


ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates: The United Arab Emirates is introducing labor reforms aimed at tightening oversight of employment agreements for the millions of temporary migrant workers who make up the bulk of the country’s workforce, a top Emirati official said Tuesday. Like its oil-rich Gulf Arab neighbors, the Emirates has long faced criticism over its treatment of low-paid laborers ... Read More »

SR100,000 fine for each overstaying pilgrim


JEDDAH: The Directorate General of Immigration has said that the guidelines do not allow any pilgrims coming from abroad to overstay the validity of their visas. They are also not allowed to work in any part of the Kingdom or move beyond the circuit of Makkah, Jeddah and Madinah, according to an online newspaper. The directorate has warned companies and ... Read More »

Bodies of stampede martyrs to be buried in 6 cemeteries in Makkah


MAKKAH: The Makkah Secretariat is preparing 74,700 graves across six graveyards which could accommodate some of the martyrs of the stampede in Mina among others, according to the Secretariat's Director of Media, Osama Zaytoun.  These include the Maalaa Cemetery, which has space for 30,000 graves, Al-Adl cemetery, which can take another 2,000 graves, Al-Sharea cemetery, which can absorb 22,000 graves, ... Read More »

Crane crash: Identifying the dead a difficult task


MAKKAH: As the holy city of Makkah struggled to return to normalcy a day after a deadly crane collapse at the Grand Mosque claimed 107 lives and injured nearly 238 pilgrims, the focus shifted to the difficult and unpleasant task of identifying the dead. So far, only two pilgrims have been identified from among the dead. They are Moniza Ahmed ... Read More »

Camel slaughter during Haj banned


MADINAH: The Ministry of Health has reiterated that the ban on slaughtering camels during Haj would remain in place, with no exceptions, because of the danger posed by Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) coronavirus. Faisal Al-Zahrani, spokesman of the ministry, said the ban covers the entire Kingdom during Eid Al-Adha. It also includes the Burmese community in Makkah, whose members ... Read More »

Wanted Bangladeshi Kamrul set to be extradited


RIYADH: Pursuant to a royal decree, the Ministry of Interior is working on the necessary documents to deport the Bangladeshi domestic aide who was arrested in Jeddah on a Dhaka murder charge, according to information received here from reliable sources. Arab News learned that the royal decree to deport the suspect, Kamrul Islam, to his native country where the murder ... Read More »

Flights diverted as sandstorm-hit Jeddah gropes in the dark


JEDDAH: A massive sandstorm that enveloped much of the Middle East on Tuesday sent Jeddah into total darkness at 6 p.m. The storm lasted for 40 minutes with sand-laden winds so ferocious that one could hear the rattling of windows in many neighborhoods. Abdul Hameed Abal-Ari, a senior official at King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah, told local media ... Read More »

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