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Arsenal and City forge ahead, Liverpool stumble

Arsenal and Manchester City kept up their unrelenting pursuits of the Premier League title by maintaining their winning streaks on Saturday but Liverpool’s challenge faltered after they were held at home by Aston Villa.   Arsenal beat Fulham 2-0 at the Emirates and Manchester City beat Cardiff City 4-2 at the Etihad before Liverpool could only manage a 2-2 draw ... Read More »

Another beating

Sheikh Hasina plans to hang on to office after an electoral farce// Ashraf Islam : IT IS becoming hard to know whether Sheikh Hasina, BangladeshÕs prime minister, is a cynically good actress or cut off from political reality. Smiling before journalists in Dhaka, the capital, on January 6th, she chided opposition parties for their ÒmistakeÓ in boycotting general elections the ... Read More »

‘Boosting trade first challenge’

Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed says his first job will be to boost trade and develop good relations with business.   My first challenge will be to boost foreign and domestic trade, build good relation with businesses and work for gaining quota-free market access and GSP facilities, Tofail said after taking charge of the ministry on Monday.   The veteran Awami League ... Read More »

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