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Root Canal Treatment.. Misconceptions vs Reality


These days there are misconceptions surrounding root canal treatment to the extent that most of people are ready to withstand excruciating pain so they do not visit the doctor. In fact, with modern technologies and anesthetics, the root canal procedures have considerably changed.  You brush your teeth every day, but you most likely don’t know their inner workings. Every tooth ... Read More »

90% with genetic disorders marry cousins

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JEDDAH: Around 90 percent of men with sickle cell anemia and thalassemia insist on marrying first cousins even though there is a high risk of their children having these disorders and birth defects. This is according to Ali Al-Ghamdi, general supervisor of marriage tests at Jeddah’s regional laboratory, who said that couples with genetic disorders often marry because they want ... Read More »

Don’t underestimate the importance of sleep


It is good to be back after a hot summer. I expect you had a good Haj season. For those of you who were blessed to perform Haj this year, I hope you had a fulfilling and rewarding Haj.  Now, it is time to catch up with where I left you during Ramadan, the holy month of fasting, with Part ... Read More »

A high protein diet to help you lose weight 


A high-protein diet is often recommended by bodybuilders and nutritionists to build muscle, tone the body and lose fat. Cutting up on carbs, sugar and fat can help you lose weight but going on a high protein diet will help tame the hunger and boost protein in the body gradually. Proteins are available in many sources. When following this diet, ... Read More »

Ban says world on way to ‘generation free of AIDS’ 


ADDIS ABABA: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Tuesday the world was headed for a “generation free of AIDS,” after UNAIDS reported a 35-percent drop in new HIV infections from 15 years ago. The positive news was also coupled with calls for more funding, with the objective of eliminating the virus by 2030. The United Nations also warned that continuing stigmatization ... Read More »

Cuba stamps out mother-to-child HIV


Cuba has successfully eliminated mother-to-child transmission of both HIV and syphilis, the World Health Organization (WHO) says. The head of the WHO, Dr Margaret Chan, called it one of the greatest public health achievements possible. It follows years of efforts to give pregnant women early access to prenatal care, testing and drugs to stop these diseases passing from mother to ... Read More »

Don’t underestimate the importance of sleep (Part 3)


Last week, I described to you our 24-hour daily cycle, which regulates our biological clock. I also explained the two phases of sleep (the slow-wave sleep and REM sleep) and how each type impacts the body and brain. Slow-wave sleep, which is the profound sleep, occurs around midnight and lasts for about two hours. This type of deep sleep is ... Read More »

Insecticides lindane, DDT linked to cancer: WHO


LONDON: The insecticide lindane, once widely used in agriculture and to treat human lice and scabies, causes cancer and has been specifically linked to non-Hodgkin lymphoma, the World Health Organization said on Tuesday. The WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) also said that DDT, or dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, probably causes cancer, with scientific evidence linking it to non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), ... Read More »

MERS a wake-up call, warns WHO


GENEVA: The MERS outbreak in South Korea is a “wake-up call,” the World Health Organization warned Wednesday, saying that a lack of knowledge and substandard controls in hospitals had contributed to the spread of the disease. The WHO urged all countries to be more vigilant as South Korea reported its 20th death from the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome virus, and ... Read More »

The happiness diet: Foods to boost your mood


According to a saying, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. However, this is true for both men and women. Your happiness could lie in your next dinner as studies show that eating the right food can make you happy and put you in a good mood. We tend to perpetually remain under pressure due to various ... Read More »

HIV+ youth fights on, befriends 40 million people

A 20-year-old youngster who had left for Australia in 2008 to pursue studies in electrical engineering felt his dreams were shattered when he discovered a year later that he had contracted the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). He, however, soon came to terms with reality and decided to campaign against AIDS and the social stigma attached to the dreaded disease.  The ... Read More »

You quit smoking, now what?

Ever wondered what happens after you quit smoking? Many people fall back and get back to their bad habits. There are many reasons for this, some of which are mental while others are physical. We just found out about smoking detox where you can literally detox cigarettes out of your body. “This can only be assisted by controlling what you ... Read More »

California declares electronic cigarettes a health threat

SACRAMENTO, California: California health officials say electronic cigarettes are a health threat, especially to children, and should be strictly regulated like tobacco products. A report released Wednesday by the California Department of Public Health says e-cigarettes emit cancer-causing chemicals and get users hooked on nicotine. California Health Officer Ron Chapman says new   A customer puffs on an e-cigarette at ... Read More »

A book everyone should have at home

‘Home Doctor” is a book that everyone should have at hand in the house. Nowadays, we are more aware of health issues than ever before but the bewildering array of self-help advice leaves us confused and we often decide not to call or see a doctor for minor complaints. The author, Dr. Michael Peters, an experienced General Practitioner and Consulting ... Read More »

Figs and Olives

Different in taste and properties, one is a sweet fruit, while the other is salty, pungent, and oily. But eaten together, they are a powerhouse of health-giving nutrients. Figs and olives are extremely important food products from the Mediterranean region and they have numerous health benefits. Their benefits are affirmed in the Holy Qur’an, in the chapter “At-Tin”. {By the ... Read More »

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