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Historic dengue vaccine program launched in Philippines


Manila: The world’s first public dengue vaccination program was launched in the Philippines on Monday as nurses began injecting the first batch of a million children with a French drug to combat the sometimes deadly disease. Several hundred children aged 9-10 queued in front of government health workers at a public school in eastern Manila for the injections, capping a ... Read More »

Why cucumber is a must in your diet


Cucumbers are rich in vitamin K, copper, potassium, vitamin C and manganese and can help avoid a number of nutrient deficiencies. Want to know other ways in which this veggie can keep you healthy? Here’s a list.Reduces cancer risk: Cucumbers help in lowering the risk of breast, uterine and prostate cancer. They also contain phytonutrients, which has cancer fighting properties.Fights ... Read More »

Chocolate giant issues precautionary recall


JEDDAH: US chocolate giant Mars has announced a recall of some Mars and Snickers products from Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia. The recall is an isolated incident that is limited to some products made in The Netherlands, Mars Saudi said in a statement. The Saudi Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) also advised people against consuming contaminated products, local media said. ... Read More »

Chocolate giant orders recall of Mars, Snickers bars


BERLIN: Chocolate giant Mars has ordered a massive recall of Mars and Snickers bars as well as Milky Way Minis in Germany and the Netherlands after plastic was found in a product. “Mars Chocolate is carrying out a voluntary recall of chocolate products of Mars, Snickers, Milky Way and Celebrations after a bit of plastic was found in a product,” ... Read More »

Indian firm says developing ‘world’s first Zika vaccine’

file-03-zica vaccine

NEW DELHI: An Indian drugmaker on Wednesday said it was developing the world’s first vaccine against Zika after the World Health Organization declared an global emergency over the rapidly spreading virus. Bharat Biotech, a vaccine manufacturer based in the southern city of Hyderabad, said two vaccines had been in development for a year and were ready for pre-clinical testing in ... Read More »

Case of sexually transmitted Zika confirmed in America


DALLAS: Health officials say a person in Texas has become infected with the Zika virus through sex, in the first case of the illness being transmitted within the United States amid the current outbreak in Latin America. The US Centers for Disease Control issued a statement saying lab tests confirmed the non-traveler was infected with Zika. France’s health minister said ... Read More »

Okra: The nutritional supplier (Part 2)


Last week, I promised to explore with you in detail the nutritional value of the okra, as Part 1 was only an introduction to the nutritious vegetable. Speaking about the nutrients and benefits of the veggie will need several pages. In the last article, I spoke about the different names of the okra and its origin, but if any country ... Read More »

Experts list the drinks that are best avoided


Many people think that natural juices are 100 percent healthy, and that only artificial juices cause obesity. However, experts say that both kinds possess high levels of calories.  A website recently discussed twelve drink varieties that people should avoid drinking due to their significant calorific content, meaning that they require extensive physical activity in order to burn. The first such ... Read More »

Sweaty armpits: All you need to know


We have heard over and over again that sweating is good for your body, especially when you are exercising. Sweating is actually a means by which the body is cooling itself.  Excessive sweating means producing as much as five times more sweat than is needed and it usually occurs when a person’s cooling system is kicked into overdrive. This medical ... Read More »

Drug Addiction Can Get Your Brain Hooked Over Time


People with addiction have problems in controlling their drug taking behavior. They yearn and seek out drugs, alcohol, or other substances at any cost— regardless of its consequences that comprises; damaging friendships, hurting family, or losing jobs. At this point, we must stop and ask ourselves why addiction makes people behave in such ruinous ways. And why is it so ... Read More »

New study links cell phone tower radiation to diabetes


RIYADH: A renowned professor of King Saud University (KSU) here has warned of radiation danger from cell phone towers, saying that the radiation emissions from towers can cause many health hazards because of their dense installations and unscientific proliferation.  In a new study, Prof. Sultan Ayoub Meo, a professor at KSU’s College of Medicine, has for the first time proved ... Read More »

Tips to keep your skin glowing this winter


Winter season is all about being cozy and warm, when you wrap up in comfy blankets and sweaters and snuggle with a hot cup of cocoa. However, it is also the season where your skin goes bad. The low temperature, low humidity and dry air will for sure leave your skin thirsty, itchy and flaky. You need to step up ... Read More »

Study: Passive smoking leads to infertility


Passive smoking is associated with infertility and early menopause in women, according to a recent study. The researchers said that compared to women who never smoked and those who were exposed only to a minimum level of passive smoking, the women who were exposed in a major way were more likely to not fall pregnant and to reach menopause before ... Read More »

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