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Aras first Muslim woman speaker in German state Parliament


STUTTGART, Muhterem Aras, a member of Green Party, has become the first Muslim woman to become the speaker in a German state Parliament, media sources said. Aras, 50, was elected as a lawmaker in the state legislature in Baden-Württemberg. “This week, we in Baden-Württemberg are again writing history,” the Stuttgart lawmaker said, referring to the recent successes of her party, ... Read More »

For some, defunct Zimbabwean trillion-dollar notes reap huge gains


LONDON: Sales of Zimbabwean 100 trillion-dollar notes — long defunct as real currency — have been fetching some speculators returns of 1,500 percent, reported Al Arabiya. Back in 2009, as massive hyperinflation in the impoverished African country hit a peak, one of the massive notes would have barely bought a bus fare. But now, single 100 trillion-dollar bills are fetching ... Read More »

Turkey’s democracy on trial

ahmet_davutoglu (1)

The recent political developments in Turkey has not come as a surprise. On May 5, 2016, the popular Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced that he will resign following serious rifts with the president. It is all related to President RecepTayyip Erdogan's ambition to become an executive president. Under the current parliamentary system, he only has a ceremonial role in state affairs. ... Read More »

Pakistan to move UN on hanging of war criminals


Pakistan Prime minister’s Advisor on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz today said the country will raise the issue of the hanging of Jamaat-e-Islami leaders in Bangladesh at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and with other countries. Speaking in the Senate, he regretted the executions of political opponents by the Bangladesh government, saying that the Muslim world and the international community ... Read More »

Thai students caught using ‘Mission Impossible’ exam spy glasses


BANGKOK: A top Thai medical college has caught students using spy cameras linked to smartwatches to cheat during exams in what some social media users on Monday compared to a plot straight out of a Mission Impossible movie. Arthit Ourairat, the rector of Rangsit University, posted pictures of the hi-tech cheating equipment on his Facebook page on Sunday evening, announcing ... Read More »

UK’s Cameron caught calling Nigeria, Afghanistan ‘corrupt’


LONDON: British Prime Minister David Cameron has been caught on microphone saying that leaders of “fantastically corrupt” countries including Nigeria and Afghanistan will attend an anti-corruption summit in London. Cameron will bring together politicians and officials from around the world Thursday as part of efforts to clamp down on bribery, money laundering and other forms of wrongdoing. At a Buckingham ... Read More »

US, Afghan forces free kidnapped son of ex-Pakistan PM


KABUL: US and Afghan forces freed the kidnapped son of a former Pakistani prime minister during a counter terrorism mission in eastern Afghanistan, NATO said Tuesday, three years after he was kidnapped in a hail of bullets. Ali Haider Gilani, son of Yousaf Raza Gilani, “was rescued today in Giyan District of Paktika Province Afghanistan by US Special Operations Forces ... Read More »

On Victory Day, Putin calls for non-bloc security


MOSCOW: Russia wants to help build an international security system that transcends military blocs, President Vladimir Putin said Monday at the annual elaborate Victory Day military parade in Red Square on Monday. Putin’s short speech on Monday also warned against “unacceptable double standards that shortsightedly indulge those who are nurturing new criminal plans.” He made no specific accusations but both ... Read More »

Cameron warns Brexit threatens peace in Europe


LONDON: Prime Minister David Cameron warned Monday that a British exit from the EU would threaten peace on the continent, as the campaign for next month’s crucial referendum gathered steam after regional elections. With polls showing the “Remain” and “Leave” campaigns neck-and-neck, Cameron and former London mayor Boris Johnson, the “Leave” movement’s de-facto leader, clashed as they stepped up their ... Read More »

OIC calls for implementation of UN resolutions on Kashmir


JEDDAH: The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has a special high-level delegation currently visiting Pakistan and Azad Kashmir until May 12 to assess the situation on the ground. The delegation, which arrived in the region on Monday, is led by Abdullah bin Abdulrahman Alim, assistant secretary general for political affairs and special envoy for Jammu and Kashmir. Other members of ... Read More »

Duterte claims Philippine presidency, vows crime crackdown


DAVAO, Philippines: Incendiary Philippine politician Rodrigo Duterte vowed Tuesday a relentless crackdown on crime after securing a landslide presidential victory built on foul-mouthed populist tirades that exposed deep voter anger at the establishment. The 71-year-old firebrand’s main rivals conceded defeat after an unofficial tally showed Duterte had an insurmountable lead in Monday’s election of 6.1 million votes, a result that ... Read More »

Spanish journalists return home after 10-month Syrian captivity


MADRID: Three Spanish freelance journalists held captive in Syria for nearly 10 months returned home on Sunday, tearfully hugging relatives as they got off a military jet sent to Turkey to bring them back. Antonio Pampliega, Jose Manuel Lopez and Angel Sastre shook hands with Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria on the tarmac of the Torrejon de Ardoz ... Read More »

Mayor for all, vows Sadiq Khan


DUBLIN: Sadiq Khan was sworn in as London mayor Saturday after being elected the first Muslim leader of a major Western capital. Khan has a simple, striking message for Londoners: He’ll be a mayor for people of all faiths and none. Khan celebrated his landslide election victory Saturday in a multi-denominational ceremony at an Anglican cathedral accompanied by London’s police ... Read More »

Canada fire ‘could double in size’


FORT MCMURRAY: A ferocious wildfire wreaking havoc in Canada could double in size Saturday, authorities warned, as a risky convoy operation to bring thousands to safety through the burning town of Fort McMurray entered a second day. As the flames pursued their path of destruction, armies of firefighters sought to protect what was left of homes and other infrastructure in ... Read More »

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