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Israel covertly airlifts 19 Jews out of Yemen


JERUSALEM: Israel has brought in 19 Jews from war-ravaged Yemen in a secret mission. It was described by immigration officials as the last covert operation to move members of a dwindling Jewish community dating back two millennia. Seventeen people arrived late on Sunday, including a man who doubled up as the rabbi and kosher butcher in the northern Yemeni town ... Read More »

Arabs reject Kurd-led moves for federal Syria

CAIRO: The Arab League on Monday rejected Kurdish-led moves for a federal system of government in Syria, charging that they would lead to the break-up of the war-torn country. Ahmed Ben Helli, deputy secretary-general said the pan-Arab bloc would not recognize last week's unilateral proclamation by the Kurds and their Arab and Assyrian Christian allies. "The Arab League rejects such ... Read More »

Houthis held talks in Riyadh


JEDDAH: A delegation from Yemen’s Houthis was in Riyadh for talks with officials earlier in March. Confirming this, Abdullah Al-Moalami, Saudi ambassador to the United Nations, told Al Jazeera English channel that the talks resulted in a reduction of tensions on the Saudi-Yemeni border, as well as a soldier-prisoner exchange. “We will continue to extend our hands and open our ... Read More »

Obama cheered in Havana at start of historic visit to Cuba


US president Barack Obama arrived to small but cheering crowds on Sunday at the start of a historic visit to Cuba that opened a new chapter in US engagement with the island’s Communist government after decades of hostility between the former Cold War foes. The three-day trip, the first by a US president to Cuba in 88 years, is the ... Read More »

Bangladeshis among 600 migrants rescued in Libya


Nearly 600 migrants mostly from sub-Saharan African countries and Bangladesh were rescued by Libyan coast guards yesterday. Libyan authorities said they had rescued the migrants from four boats, one of which sank. Bodies of four dead women had been recovered, and some migrants were still missing, said a spokesman for Libyan naval forces, Ayoub Qassem. Those rescued off the coast ... Read More »

Ohio voters reject Trump, favor Clinton


COLUMBUS OHIO: Ohio, the important swing state lived up to its reputation. It rejected Donald Trump stopping him for now, from clinching the Republican presidential nomination. It also embraced Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, making her a clear choice for the Democratic presidential nominee for the 2017 elections. Primaries, caucuses are usually tame affairs. But thanks to billionaire Donald Trump’s ... Read More »

Syria Kurds to declare federal region in Syria


BEIRUT: A powerful Kurdish party announced plans Wednesday to declare a federal region in northern Syria, a model it hopes can be applied to the entire country. The idea was promptly dismissed by Turkey and also the Syrian government team at UN-brokered peace talks in Geneva. The declaration was expected to be made at the end of a Kurdish conference ... Read More »

Trump knocks Rubio out of race, Republicans in turmoil


PALM BEACH, Florida: US Republican front-runner Donald Trump swept three states and drove rival Marco Rubio out of the White House race, but the New York billionaire’s loss in the crucial state of Ohio wrought more chaos for a party deeply fractured by his candidacy. While the Republican race remained in turmoil on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton’s victories in Florida, Illinois, ... Read More »

Pak religious groups say law protecting women from abuse ‘un-Islamic’


LAHORE, Pakistan: An all-parties conference convened by Pakistan’s oldest Islamic political party and attended by powerful religious groups asked the government on Tuesday to retract an “un-Islamic” law that gives unprecedented protection to female victims of violence. The Women’s Protection Act, passed by Pakistan’s largest province of Punjab last month, gives legal protection to women from domestic, psychological and sexual ... Read More »

Civilians flee Iraq town as battle looms


BAGHDAD: Terrified residents were fleeing the Iraqi town of Hit as security forces closed in Tuesday and terrorists hunkered down to defend one of their main bastions in Anbar province. After regaining control of Anbar provincial capital Ramadi from the Daesh group earlier this year, Iraqi forces have been advancing up the Euphrates Valley in recent weeks. Officials are vowing ... Read More »

Wounded in US airstrike, Daesh top terrorist dies

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BAGHDAD: A top Daesh commander and feared ethnic Chechen terrorist Omar Al-Shishani has died of wounds suffered in a US airstrike in Syria, a senior Iraqi intelligence official and the head of a Syrian activist group said Tuesday. Al-Shishani, who was wounded in a US airstrike earlier this month, died on Monday outside the Daesh group’s main stronghold of Raqqa ... Read More »

Only Plan B to talks is ‘return to war,’ says UN Syria envoy


GENEVA: The UN special envoy for Syria restarted peace talks between the government and the opposition on Monday, warning that the only alternative is a return to war and describing the political transition in the country now led by President Bashar Assad was “the mother of all issues.” Moments before meeting with a Syrian government envoy Staffan de Mistura, laid ... Read More »

Putin orders to start Russian military pullout from Syria


MOSCOW: Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered a partial pullout of the Russian military from Syria, voicing hope that the move will contribute to the success of Syria peace talks that began Monday. Announcing his decision in a televised meeting with Russia’s foreign and defense ministries, the president said the Russian air campaign has allowed Syrian President Bashar Assad’s military ... Read More »

US president: Trump is fomenting divisiveness


DALLAS: President Barack Obama on Saturday gave a mocking rebuke of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump for his incendiary language on the campaign trail. At a Democratic party fundraising event in Dallas, Texas, Obama offered a blunt condemnation of the “divisiveness” fomented by Trump on the campaign trail, including his motto “Make America Great Again.” “We are great right now,” Obama ... Read More »

Trump to blame for rally protests: Rivals 


CHICAGO: Donald Trump’s Republican rivals for the White House condemned protests that shut down his planned Chicago rally on Friday, but said his incendiary speech was partly to blame. Trump canceled a rally in Chicago in the face of huge protests, which triggered scenes of chaos and prompted his presidential rivals to blame the violent outbreak on his incendiary rhetoric. ... Read More »

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